CUDPP  2.2
CUDA Data-Parallel Primitives Library
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNCuckooHashingEncapsulates the cuckoo hash table that uses stashes
oNCudaHTEncapsulates the hash table library
| oCCompactingHashTableHash table that provides O(1) translation between keys and unique identifiers
| oCFunctionsContainer for all of the hash functions
| oCMultivalueHashTableHash table that stores multiple values per key
| \CHashTableBasic hash table that stores one value for each key
oCCUDPPBwtPlanPlan class for BWT
oCCUDPPCompactPlanPlan class for compact algorithm
oCCUDPPConfigurationConfiguration struct used to specify algorithm, datatype, operator, and options when creating a plan for CUDPP algorithms
oCCUDPPHashTableConfigConfiguration struct for creating a hash table (CUDPPHashTable())
oCCUDPPHashTableInternalInternal structure used to store a generic CUDPP hash table
oCCUDPPListRankPlanPlan class for ListRank
oCCUDPPManagerInternal manager class for CUDPPP resources
oCCUDPPMergeSortPlanPlan class for mergesort algorithm
oCCUDPPMtfPlanPlan class for MTF
oCCUDPPPlanBase class for CUDPP Plan data structures
oCCUDPPRadixSortPlanPlan class for radixsort algorithm
oCCUDPPRandPlanPlan class for random number generator
oCCUDPPReducePlanPlan class for reduce algorithm
oCCUDPPSaPlanPlan class for suffix array
oCCUDPPScanPlanPlan class for scan algorithm
oCCUDPPSegmentedScanPlanPlan class for segmented scan algorithm
oCCUDPPSparseMatrixVectorMultiplyPlanPlan class for sparse-matrix dense-vector multiply
oCCUDPPStringSortPlanPlan class for stringsort algorithm
oCCUDPPTridiagonalPlanPlan class for tridiagonal solver
oCScanTraitsTemplate class containing compile-time parameters to the scan functions
oCSegmentedScanTraitsTemplate class containing compile-time parameters to the segmented scan functions
oCSharedMemoryWrapper class for templatized dynamic shared memory arrays
\CtypeToVectorUtility template struct for generating small vector types from scalar types