CUDPP  2.2
CUDA Data-Parallel Primitives Library
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CUDPPHashTableConfig Struct Reference

Configuration struct for creating a hash table (CUDPPHashTable()) More...

#include <cudpp_hash.h>

Public Attributes

CUDPPHashTableType type
unsigned int kInputSize
float space_usage

Detailed Description

Configuration struct for creating a hash table (CUDPPHashTable())

See Also
CUDPPHashTable, CUDDPHashTableType

Member Data Documentation

CUDPPHashTableType CUDPPHashTableConfig::type

see CUDPPHashTableType

unsigned int CUDPPHashTableConfig::kInputSize

number of elements to be stored in hash table

float CUDPPHashTableConfig::space_usage

space factor multiple for the hash table; multiply space_usage by kInputSize to get the actual space allocation in GPU memory. 1.05 is about the minimum possible to get a working hash table. Larger values use more space but take less time to construct.

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