CUDPP  2.2
CUDA Data-Parallel Primitives Library
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CUDPPScanPlan Class Reference

Plan class for scan algorithm. More...

#include <cudpp_plan.h>

Inherits CUDPPPlan.

Public Member Functions

 CUDPPScanPlan (CUDPPManager *mgr, CUDPPConfiguration config, size_t numElements, size_t numRows, size_t rowPitch)
 Scan Plan constructor. More...
virtual ~CUDPPScanPlan ()
 CUDPP scan plan destructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CUDPPPlan
 CUDPPPlan (CUDPPManager *mgr, CUDPPConfiguration config, size_t numElements, size_t numRows, size_t rowPitch)
 Plan base class constructor. More...
CUDPPHandle getHandle ()

Public Attributes

void ** m_blockSums
size_t * m_rowPitches
size_t m_numEltsAllocated
size_t m_numRowsAllocated
size_t m_numLevelsAllocated
- Public Attributes inherited from CUDPPPlan
CUDPPConfiguration m_config
size_t m_numElements
size_t m_numRows
size_t m_rowPitch

Detailed Description

Plan class for scan algorithm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CUDPPScanPlan::CUDPPScanPlan ( CUDPPManager mgr,
CUDPPConfiguration  config,
size_t  numElements,
size_t  numRows,
size_t  rowPitch 

Scan Plan constructor.

[in]mgrpointer to the CUDPPManager
[in]configThe configuration struct specifying algorithm and options
[in]numElementsThe maximum number of elements to be scanned
[in]numRowsThe maximum number of rows (for 2D operations) to be scanned
[in]rowPitchThe pitch of the rows of input data, in elements

Member Data Documentation

void** CUDPPScanPlan::m_blockSums

Intermediate block sums array

size_t* CUDPPScanPlan::m_rowPitches

Pitch of each row in elements (for cudppMultiScan())

size_t CUDPPScanPlan::m_numEltsAllocated

Number of elements allocated (maximum scan size)

size_t CUDPPScanPlan::m_numRowsAllocated

Number of rows allocated (for cudppMultiScan())

size_t CUDPPScanPlan::m_numLevelsAllocated

Number of levels allocaed (in _scanBlockSums)

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